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Are You Looking To Grow A Dog Training Business That Is Fulfilling, Fun, And Profitable – One That Leaves You Energized (Not Burnt Out), And Is Designed To Help You Get The Life and Lifestyle You Want?
  • Discover the secrets to go from burnout to business growth

  • Solve the challenges in your business – from marketing to customer service… even hiring

  • Get a step-by-step plan to grow your business… in a way that works for YOU and YOUR life

  • Find out how to create a business that supports and fulfills you (not one that sacrifices family time)


Chances are, you started your pet business because you love animals.


Chances are, you provide amazing services to happy pets (and their owners).


Chances are, you’re building a business even though you don’t have an MBA in business.


And maybe you’re burning out. You’re learning the hard way that there are so many challenges and obstacles to running a business… and those challenges are perhaps overwhelming you and keeping you from enjoying your business or even enjoying life. (Maybe you’ve even thought about shutting down.)

Is your business burning you out?

Are you burnt out, hitting a plateau or just want more for your business?

Or, maybe your business is going pretty well but you feel like you want more. You’ve hit a plateau and you need to break through or you’ve got an inspiring idea to grow state-wide but you’re not sure what to do to implement it.


Whether your business is burning you out or growing like crazy, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and invest a little into your education so you fix the challenges and pursue the opportunities.


Just imagine what it would be like to have a business that you wake up to daily that actually THRILLS you to work in…


  • Where your marketing brings in the very best customers day after day after day on autopilot

  • Where your employees (if you choose to have them) love you and are loyal

  • Where your income is steady and predictable, where your profit margins are growing

  • Where your operations are systematized and run smoothly so you can focus on the parts of the business you enjoy

  • Where you actually get your personal life back – so you can even take a vacation or spend more time with your family!


At the 3-Day Dog Pro Academy, dog training business expert Andrew Fraser will reveal his best secrets and strategies to take your dog training business from where it is now to where you want to be… and beyond.

You’ll visit Andrew at his facility where you’ll learn from him, one of the industry’s leaders, as he shares how he nearly had to shut down his pet business before he discovered the strategies that allowed him to turn his business around and create a six- and seven-figure pet business without sacrificing his personal life.


Andrew will share all of his best strategies, systems, processes, and swipe-and-deploy files. Everything you learn has been field-tested and proven again and again, in Andrew’s pet business and in many of the pet businesses he’s helped throughout the years.

What's Covered?









Lead Generation

Customer Service



Growth Strategies

Systems & Procedures


Get Your Step-By-Step Plan!

You’ll leave with a step-by-step plan to implement in your pet business to grow it the way YOU want, and you’ll leave with the inspiration to start right away – which is all part of Andrew’s belief in Real Change, Real Results, Right Now!


Does this sound like the kind of education you could use in your dog training business to take it to the next level? Is this the answer you’ve been looking for to cure your burnout or to lay out a path of growth for your growing pet business?


If so then the 3-day Business Success Course is the fastest, simplest way to get a clear step-by-step blueprint that will help you create the business (and life!) you want in the shortest time possible.


AND THERE IS NO RISK - If you attend the 3-day Business Success Course and aren’t absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the strategies, ideas, and field-tested tactics by the end of day 1, then Andrew will fully refund 100% of your tuition, no questions asked. (It’s never happened before… because Andrew is SO focused on serving every business owner who attends.)

Create real change in your business today!

What's Included...

  What Are The Options?

But Don't Take Our Word For It!

We are now able to make our customer experience from okay to world class. I learned what differentiates us from our competition, going from good to better including operations and customer service. Andrew is far beyond his years and is becoming a mentor for me. Andrew IS the pet industry, he’s been in it for over half of his life. The strategies he shares are very specific to our industry. He knows it better than everybody. 


Brian Murphy - Invisible Fence of Montgomery County, MD

There is no cost to apply.


In order to apply, you must first fill out an application form through the link below and be interviewed by Andrew or one of his team. While every effort is made to accommodate everyone, these 3-Day Business Success Course events are small and highly focused, so Andrew will only accepting those who he’ll be able to help.


If accepted, tuition can be paid in full or in 3 equal payments. If you’re accepted into the upcoming 3-Business Success Course, your tuition is fully backed by The Fraser Group’s guarantee that you’ll be blown away by what you learn, even in the first day.


Click here now to apply for the next 3-Day Business Success Course.


Seating is limited and if the event is full then we won’t be able to accommodate anyone else. So be sure to apply now to expedite your application and to ensure a seat at the next 3-Day Business Success Course.


Real change and real results all start right now!

Create real change in your business today!

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